We caught that bug going around Charlotte and were out of commission for a bit. We are back!

The premiere party was a huge success! Over 150 of you showed up to watch the first episode at Free Range Brewing! And 100 of you had your first beer courtesy of Asterisk Creative! Marc and Peter could not be more appreciative of your taking time out of your Sunday and joining us. Below are a few photos taken by Darius 
Evans! Thanks again to  Wendy and Joel and Free Range for a successful party!

DEvans_OF-13DEvans_OF-10 DEvans_OF-14 DEvans_OF-15 DEvans_OF-17 DEvans_OF-18 DEvans_OF-8 DEvans_OF-2 DEvans_OF-23 DEvans_OF-22 DEvans_OF-19